HOMEEXCHANGE.COM Identifies Top Five Travel Trends Emerging Among its Members

HOMEEXCHANGE.COM identifies top five travel trends emerging among its members.

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Emblematic of developments in the greater sharing economy, this global study of over 54,000 community members shows a growing number of international exchange options, compelling add-on amenities, and more pet-friendly accommodations, among other developing trends

After conducting a global study of over 54,000 of its community members, HomeExchange.com shares its analysis of the top five travel trends within its network, alongside growth numbers for its consistently expanding member base. While some data is on par with shifts in global travel, including the increasing reliance on mobile technology, its expanding network year-over-year also suggests that peer-to-peer sharing within the travel sector is on a steady rise.

“We’ve enjoyed an exciting 13% growth in membership over the last six months, compared to the same period in 2013, and are proud to be the largest home exchange service available in the world,” says Keghan Hurst, Director of Global Community for HomeExchange.com. “Last year, HomeExchange.com members saved more than $300M on their vacation budget and are on track to accrue even larger savings this year.”

Below is an outline of the top trends HomeExchange.com identified, based on data accumulated between June 2013 and June 2014.

1)    The global HomeExchange.com community expanded by a total of 17.5% between June 2013 to June 2014, and international travel options within the network are continuing to grow. Countries new to the community include Latvia, Gibraltar, Sao Tome, Suriname, and Laos. The top ten countries in membership numbers include United States, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, and Sweden.

2)    HomeExchange.com found that the top “exchange-friendly” countries in their network include Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, and France. “Exchange-friendly” is determined by the number of HomeExchange.com listings available, as compared to the country’s total population. Others that round out the top ten list include the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia, Norway, and Switzerland.

3)    Exchange inquiries (members requesting information about engaging in a home exchange) show a significant increase in sharing more than just a home. Based on survey data, members are looking to also exchange cars; outdoor activity and sports equipment such as bikes, surf boards, kayaks, and camping gear; as well as guest cards to local athletic clubs, and more.

4)    It’s a pet-friendly community. 25% of HomeExchange.com members are open to exchanges involving pets. Unlike hotels, there are no weight or size limitations.

5)    Similar to trends identified in the traditional travel sector, HomeExchange.com members are shifting their community engagement to the palm of their hand. Conversations between HomeExchange.com community members via mobile platforms increased from 12% to 17% on mobile phones and from 12% to 16% on tablets. Several factors that HomeExchange.com team members attribute to this increase include updates to the company website that improved mobile optimization and user confidence in mobile data protection technologies.

About HomeExchange.com
HomeExchange.com was named one of the fastest growing private companies in America in 2013 on the Inc. 500 / 5000 list for a third consecutive year. Started in 1992 by Ed Kushins, HomeExchange.com has evolved into the largest and fastest growing online home exchange travel company in the world. This year their 54,000+ members will make over 120,000 home swaps across more than 150 countries, eluding the cost of traditional accommodations and saving thousands of dollars on each vacation. HomeExchange.com makes it easy to plan and enjoy a home exchange vacation in almost any country, city, or area of interest and offers travelers a memorable, authentic “live like a local” experience. Membership to the site, now available in 16 different languages, is $9.99 per month; HomeExchange.com also offers a free 14-day trial period. Follow HomeExchange.com on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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